Diabolo Tricks
Two Diabolo Starts
written for righties

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Quick Launch

(This trick is my favorite two diabolo start)
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source: Within

(NOTE: This trick is harder to perform with slick diabolos like Renegades.)

Lone Setup:

1) Slip the string under one diabolo (the FIRST diabolo) and roll it the RIGHT side of another (the SECOND diabolo). The edges of both diabolos should touch and line up.

2) Hold the right stick higher than the left stick so the right sticks has more string.

3) With the right stick lay the string to the left on top of SECOND diabolo.

4) With the rest of the string, lay it in front of both diabolos and catch it under the FIRST diabolo's near cup.

5) Now bring the right stick up above the FIRST diabolo. Pull to tighten the string so it slips under both diabolo's near cups. (By lifting up slightly with the left stick, the FIRST diabolo will rise and often allow the string to slip underneath.

6) With the string wrapped around the axles, you should notice both strings coming off the FIRST diabolo's axle. Position your sticks so the right stick is a bit lower.

7) Angle the right stick to the right at a 45 degree angle from the FIRST diabolo's axle.

8) Pull up mostly with the right stick quickly raising both diabolos. Your pull may need to be to the right a bit. The 'trick' to this trick is learning the correct pull needed. (Practice the Quick Start with one diabolo to get an idea of how this trick works.)

9) The SECOND diabolo should soon be tossed upward and the FIRST diabolo will be still on the string.

10) By making an undercutting clockwise circle around the FIRST diabolo the string on the axle should be unwrapped. The right stick should end up on the right side ready to receive the dropping SECOND diabolo.

11) The FIRST diabolo should swing to the left allowing enough room to catch SECOND diabolo and start the two shuffle.

Variation- Dual Setup (touch Dual Setup with mouse for animation):

1) Slip the string under both diabolo (The FIRST diabolo is the right diabolo and the SECOND diabolo is the left diabolo.) Set both diabolos down so the edges of both diabolos should touch and line up.

2) Hold the left stick higher than the right stick so the left sticks has more string.

3) With the left stick lay the string to the right on top of FIRST diabolo.

4) With the rest of the string, lay it in around the First diabolo and behind it, coming up in-between both diabolos. To open the gape between the two diabolo slightly lift up with the right stick so the FIRST diabolo raises, now let go of the slack so they roll apart just a bit.

5) With the string between the two diabolos, you may need to pull up on the right stick again so the FIRST diabolo raises. As the diabolo rises tighten the string with your left stick so the string slips under the FIRST diabolo's far cup.

5) Now bring the right stick up above the first diabolo. Pull to tighten the string so it slips under both diabolo's near cups. (By lifting up slightly with the left stick, the first diabolo will rise and often allow the string to slip underneath.

Variation setup complete; continue with steps 6 through 11 above for Quick Launch. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Two Diabolo Pull Start with Crash
Two Diabolo Rocket Start
see Flash Movie Controls
source: Jon Gates

Generally you wrap the string a certain way around both diabolos, set them down together, and pull. One diabolo shoots straight up and after you open your sticks the other is spinning on your string waiting for the first to come down and land to its right.

1) Begin with one diabolo in standard position, not spinning but setting on the floor. Let's call this the 1st diabolo.

2) Hand the left stick to your right hand so you are holding both in your right hand. Hold your right hand in it's same starting position so both strings angle from the axle together to your right stick.

3) With your left hand grab the 2nd diabolo and set it to the right of the 1st, on top of the strings, so it is touching and is parallel to the 1st.

4) Now grab the 1st diabolo and set it to the right of the 2nd. This is done by rotating the 1st clockwise around the 2nd (up and over).

5) Stand slightly bent over with right hand holding both sticks so the string makes a 45 deg angle. String needs to be tight. Left hand is free but ready to receive the left stick back.

6) Pull with the right hand as you straighten up. The pull should be a continuous pull maybe stronger as you go. Yet, only enough to send the 2nd only slightly above your head. The direction of the pull is probably more up than in the 45 deg. of the string. (Note: If the 2nd diabolo flies to the left, pull more out sideways)

7) As the 2nd reaches its high point, grab the left stick with the left hand and open your arms. The 1st diabolo should be spinning on the string and you are in the standard position.

8) Catch the 2nd to the right of the 1st and it should go around once naturally before you can start shuffling with the right.


Bounceback Floor Start

source: Norbi Whitney, Crediton, England

Generally you wrap one on the string and set the other diabolo next to it. Toss one diabolo to the left and unwrap the second as the first bounces to the right.

1. Begin by placing one diabolo (A) on the floor with a right stringwrap around it, then place the other one (B) on the right of (A) just on the string. So both are on the floor next to one another.

2. Pull the right hand stick up and left, to launch B over A and onto the left string.

3. As B hits the left side pull up and unwrap A with the right stick, in a short sun style thing, this should launch B towards the right, and now you will have A sitting at the bottom waiting for B to come and land on the right side, and start the shuffle.

-correct if needed, and begin tricking-

Animation by J.S.
Two Diabolo Two Person Start

source: Jakob Schazmann (Galway, Ireland)

1: Start off with the person who is going to throw you the diabolo on your left. If the diabolos are spinning fast it's easier. The diabolos should be in line.

2: Lift your right stick up a bit, but leave your left stick in the same place.

3: Get the person to throw the diabolo to you: It should land between your right stick and the diabolo.

4: Start two diaboloing.


Hallway Start

Beginning Two from the Hookstall (works nice in a narrow area)

source: Filip Bengtsson

1) Have one Diabolo spinning very fast on the string. Pull the right side of the string over the top of the left stick from the outside and pull the string out to the right. See opening move in the Hookstall two diabolo trick.

2) Transfer both sticks to the left hand without letting the string slide off. Be sure to keep sticks in a 'V' position so the string across continues to be horizontal. (This might be a bit tricky but you´ll need to find a way to hold both sticks in your left hand without having the string slide off.)

3) Put the second Diabolo on the space you have left on the string across and spin it manually to get it started. (It may be easier to place the diabolo from above your right stick and then onto the string. Also as you are placing it, flick it to give it a good spin.)

4) As soon as you have started the second diabolo spinning, take the right stick back with your right hand.

Optional: You can accelerate the second diabolo with the right stick pulls while the other Diabolo stays spinning. This requires holding the left stick straight ahead so the string doesn't slip off and not pulling too wildly with the right.)

5) To start the shuffle, just toss the right Diabolo straight up and unhook the string from the left stick before the airborne diabolo lands. Catch it and begin the shuffle.

Variation Step 5) Use the Hookstall trick's release.

5a) Rotate handle of left stick clockwise until left stick is pointing right.

5b) To finish release, drop left stick's end down a bit and toss hanging diabolo rightward as string releases.

5c) As tossed diabolo hits right string the two diabolo shuffle should begin again.


Animation by Nicolas of Paris, France

Three Diabolo Rocket Start
(Based on the Two Diabolo Rocket Start)

inventor: Lars Hermelbracht Germany/France/Michigan USA
source: Dave Barnes & Terry Kimpling

The Setup: The BLUE diabolo is put on the string, both sticks laid out to the right. Then, GREEN and RED are placed on top of both strings to the right of the BLUE (all touching). Then, the BLUE is lifted over the other two, and placed to the right of the RED. Then, the RED diabolo (now the middle one) is lifted slightly and the BLUE and the GREEN move in slightly so the RED is held off the ground an inch or so by them.

The Pull: Pull the sticks to the right like in a standard rocket start. More pull is of course required to launch the extra diabolo. The BLUE stays on the string spinning, and the GREEN and RED diabolo are thrown into the air to different heights.

The Hard Part: From here go to Three-In-The-Air or Three-On-The-String.


Wind Up Start

source: Norbi Whitney, Crediton, England

1) Get one going really fast (well reasonably.)

2) Then hold both sticks in the left hand.

3) Wrap the axel of the second diabolo round the right string, by placing
it on the inside (left side of the right string, holding it the whole time)
and taking it out to the right, over the top of the stick and down to the
inside again (to imitate what would happen if you were to wrap the string
around it, for, lets say, a string climb.)

4) Then with your right hand give it a bit of a spin (not to much, because you
need to keep it straight.)

5) Take the right stick back in the right hand, and give it a few quick sharp
tugs upwards, which will keep the diabolo out of the shuffle, then when you
think you have enough spin, just let it out, by unwrapping it.

6) After unwrapping, the diabolo should go under the other; beginning the shuffle for the start.

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