Diabolo Tricks
Excalibur/Vertax Diabolo Tricks
Excalibur tricks require at least one of the following: slick string, wide axle, and/or one-way axled diabolo.
written for righties

UFO Grind

source: Tapsa99, Finland

Excalibur Grinds work with smooth end sticks and most diabolos. Diabolos need to be open ended and hard plastic works the best. Remove light accessories before trying this trick. This trick does not work 'easily' on diabolos with large axle nuts or Renegade diabolos.

1) Get your diabolo going quite fast.

2) Loop the string round the diabolo once. This is a Righthand Wrap around the axle.

3) Use Chinese Accelleration or Chinese Whip Thrusts to add high spin to the diabolo. Note Chinese Whip Thrusts instructions show a left-hand wrap, but a Right-hand wrap is used here.

4) Keep doing the Chinese Whip Thrusts, it will speed it up quite a lot. Note while you gain speed, your left stick needs to be held higher and infront of the diabolo and the right stick needs to 'whip.' This should begin to tilt the diabolo to a more verticle or Vertax position.

5) Once you see the inside of the further cup, get the loop off the 
diabolo. This is done by doing a quick unwrap with the right stick, while the diabolo is on the right side.

6) Now toss the diabolo up slightly.

7) Catch the diabolo inside its lower cup with the right stick pointing upward. The diabolo should spin almost vertically there and turn (permiate) slowly to different angles. Try to hold for 5 seconds.

8) When it turns to a sideways or regular angle toss it up, higher this time. Note this often takes one full turn, after that turn the diabolo is leaning forward enough to be normal.

9) If the diabolo is back to horizontal is can be caught regular. The tossed diabolo can also be caught with your hand no matter the angle.
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