Diabolo Tricks
Minetti Whip (EXTRAS)
written for righties
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The Minetti Whip (follow step numbers)

source: Wayne van Wijk (Australia)

Wayne said he learned it from a female street performer, Sira from Holland while she was in Australia.

This tricks happens fairly fast and has several steps, hang in there, it is well worth it. Generally this trick comes in four parts. The four parts are:

A) A behind the shoulder Catch. (Steps 1-3)

B) A Counterclockwise Sun (Steps 4-6)

C) A centered Inverse Trapeze (Steps 7-9)

D) A releasing snap Toss (Steps 10-12)

A detailed description of the two circles the diabolo makes, are aided by a clock's face. A diabolo above your head is at 12 o'clock, at your feet is at 6 o'clock, your outstretched right arm would be 3, and your left would be 9. See clock reference for better understanding.

1) Toss the diabolo up so it will fall off to your right side.

2) After the toss quickly change your right stick to point behind you as you extend your right arm to the right. Make the string tight for the catch by bringing the left stick up to your chest, pointing right and pulling back left. The string should be nearly horizontal, possibly nearly under you chin, and your right elbow slightly bent.

3) Catch the falling diabolo on the string above your right elbow. Hold the spinning diabolo for a bit.

4) Swing the diabolo in a CC Sun to your left side. Use both sticks together to swing the up and over. If the diabolo starts off to your right at 3 o'clock, at 12 o'clock both your sticks should be pointing at the diabolo.

5) As the diabolo swings closer to your left side you need to reposition your sticks. (11 or 10 o'clock) Your left sticks should be positioned to point straight ahead and your right stick should point left. Your right stick is horizontal but above your left stick.

6) As the diabolo falls on your left side, (9, 8, & 7 o'clock) you should notice the string begin to wrap around the left stick. At 6 o'clock, begin to move your right stick to the right so as the diabolo rises it will go between both sticks.

7) The diabolo is now still moving in a CC circle, but the circle is smaller. The diabolo needs to hit the string between the left and right stick at about 2 or 3 o'clock. Keep the left stick still.

8) Allow the diabolo to carry the string over the top around the left stick. As the diabolo reaches 9 o'clock, move the right stick next to the left stick. Both sticks should be straight out.

9) Both sticks together should guide the diabolo down, under, and up on the right side of them.

10) As the diabolo rises as a toss at 3 o'clock the sticks' ends needs to point more upward, moving up with the diabolo.

11) Suddenly pull both sticks downward. The string should snap as it releases off the diabolo. The diabolo should continue upward.

12) Catch diabolo.


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