Diabolo Tricks
Japanese Whips
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J-Whip (Front Cup) with Fritz Release
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source: TyeTye, diabolo.ca

So.. of the 2 basic whip types i refer to them as J whips.. and C whips...

J-whips because the hand movement you make is like a J (underwhip)

and C-whips because the hand movement is like a C (over-whip)

So.. possible variations i've found that i can do on a regular basis... are...

(assuming Right-handedness)

J-whip front cup - throw over the left handstick when you're done and you're in the right back-side.

J-Whip Front Cup + Left Stick - This leaves you in a pseduo cradle. all you have to do is pop it up and catch like a normal cradle.

J-whip Back cup - this require a little more aiming. Once whipped.. throw over left stick to be in OPEN position.

J-Whip Back Cup + Left Hand Stick - Takes you into a full cradle. (Same as C-whip front cup + left stick)

J-Whip No Cup (under axel) lands back on right stick. - Leaves you in a full spaghetti. ( http://diabolotricks.com/Knots.htm#spaghetti ) To Release, you can just throw it up, inbetween the sticks... (One of the neater looking whips I think)

J-Whip No Cup + Left Hand Stick - Full Cradle.

Also check out the Star Cradle trick which uses a J-whip intro.

C-Whip (Front Cup) creating a Right Trapeze
see Flash Movie Controls

C-Whip Front Cup - Hey, A Trapeze, YAY! Throw diabolo over right handstick to go back to open string.

C-Whip Front Cup + Left Handstick - Full Cradle.

C-Whip Back Cup - This is HARD to aim... (For Me) Throw over the left handstick to be in a left backside. (I think... No diabolo in front of me to double check)

C-Whip Back Cup + Left Handstick - Can't do yet, i'm sure it'd work though... given symmetry of moves... Smile

C-Whip No Cup(Under axel moves) Can't do either of those yet either... they would seem to be awkward to catch back on a stick.... but i'd assume possible.


Throw a C-whip over the left hand-stick... and it creates a loop that you can then poke the right stick through...... you can then do 2 counterclockwise suns to end up in a cradle. (will do video when i can)

Trash's Web... (boy... this one took me a long time. Thanks trash... jerk. Smile )
Throw slack around left hand-sticks string... and get the loop caught on the right hand-stick again.... This one has been explained a bit on these forums.. and you can find it just by doing a search on trash.

1 handed whip.. you can put both hand-sticks in your right hand and j-whip OR c-whip...

Also to note... you can go into a double cradle by doing a J-front cup whip with your left hand then do with your right hand, (both interchangeable, or do both at once) then open it up.... (aka... left stick pulls right string, right stick pulls left string... to free the axel, so you can throw it up....) and catch it in a cradle.... there will be 2 cradles that the diabolo is on top of.

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