Diabolo Tricks
New Beginnings
All animations are of the performer's view.

Quick Start, Quick End, and New Beginnings

0) As destruction prays on others in this world, the occasional dropped diabolo may 'fall' victim

1) Unite the diabolo's outer essence (high light) with it's under essence (shadow).

2) Gather all the pieces within 'absorbing' distance of the new found essence nucleus.

3) Move and position your sticks to the standard position. The diabolo nucleus should move to it's standard location, absorbing its parts, and growing.

4) When the absorption has reached 100 per cent, the diabolo should be ready for you to slip the string under it's axle.

5) Lay the right string on the floor just left of the diabolo's near cup.

6) Roll the diabolo to your right so it rolls over the string. Now the axle should have a wrap around it.

7) With the diabolo still on the floor between the sticks, pull out to right with the right stick. This should pull the diabolo off the floor angling up to the right.

8) As the diabolo moves the the right, circle under the diabolo with the right stick's end. This movement unwraps the axle and adds spin to the diabolo.

9) After the right stick circles the diabolo, the stick should return to the normal position. The diabolo is on open string and should be spinning..

10) Now. if you dare, give it a toss.

11) .. for dark is the suede that mows like a harvest.

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