Diabolo Tricks
written for righties

Flash Movie Controls allow viewing larger animations with stop/step controls

See also Beginning Suns

All animations are of the performer's view.

Clockwise Sun (CW Sun) and returning with a Counter Clockwise Sun (CC Sun)

Clockwise Sun
see Flash Movie Controls

1) Get up just a bit of speed. While doing this imagine the ends of your sticks to be the center of a clock. The hanging diabolo is at 6 o'clock. Moving the diabolo to your left would make it pass 7 o'clock. (sorry if this seems too simple)

2) Keep you sticks close, side-by-side, in the center of that clock. Start a back swing to 5 or 4 o'clock, your right. Stop and allow the diabolo to fall back like a pendulum.

3) As the diabolo swings back to 6 o'clock add swing to its orbit so it moves clockwise in a perfect circle around and back to 6 o'clock. (Be very sure to keep your sticks together, close, and side-by-side. If the strings hang-up on the ends try to tilt your sticks down together so the string releases.)

4) Right away, after the diabolo has completed its orbit begin giving it right-hand thrust just as you did in instruction #1. (The difference is you have this 'half knot' on the axle, but that is OK. You might note that pulling harder on the right stick doesn't wobble the diabolo as bad if the string were 'open.')

5) Pull up with the right stick with more and more force until you reach the desired 'high' speed. (Since your power thrusts have more 'teeth' from the half knot and the half knot keeps it more stabilized; you can acquire more speed without control loss.)

6) To remove the half knot, swing the diabolo in reverse orbit counterclockwise (one revolution) with those sticks held in the center. After tilting off any string catches on your sticks, your diabolo should be back a 6 o'clock and spinning madly. Your string should be 'open' as it was when you began.

Just performing a 360 degree circle or 'Sun' clockwise then another 360 counter clockwise; looks good in itself. Even if you haven't gained any speed you've gained a trick.


Short Suns
(returning with Jump The Fence)
see Flash Movie Controls

source:  Bruce Love

Begin a Clockwise Sun.   The diabolo goes to the left (9 o'clock), upward (12 o'clock) then instead of raveling to the right outside the right hand; allow it to arc down between the hands.  This is done by moving the right handstick out to the right as the diabolo reaches the right side.  The diabolo ends up with an extra wrap of string around the axle. From doing this you can immediately go into a Jump The Fence (over the left stick) or you can go immediately into Chinese Whip Thrusts.

The Short Sun is also used in the Inside-Outside Trapeze trick.


CW Sun Power Thrusts
see Flash Movie Controls

1) Do a Clockwise Sun.

2) Point the left stick right and hang the diabolo off to your right.

3) Lift the left stick upward making the diabolo rise vertically.  Lift your right stick as the diabolo rises.

4) As the diabolo reaches about shoulder height, 'thrust' downward with the right stick.  You are pulling straight down away from the rising diabolo.

5) The pull up the right stick should add spin to the diabolo and it should shoot down.  As the diabolo reaches your the height of your knee, begin lifting upward with your left stick to stop the diabolo's fall.

6) Repeat the actions of steps 3 through 5 for added Power Thrusts and diabolo spin.  To return to open string, perform a Counterclockwise Sun.

Note:. You should notice the string 'grabbing' in a full wrap around the axle as you pull downward.

Also note:  This Power Thrust can also be performed without beginning with a CW Sun, but care must be taken that the diabolo doesn't get away from you during thrusting.

After gaining speed, you can Climb The String from the Clockwise Sun position.



source: Buster n Claire

1) Position yourself to do a Side Sun (sun between the arms.) This is where you face left, pointing your sticks leftward.

2) Now point both sticks upwards (ensuring you keep them parralel at all times) untill the string touches your fingers. Grab the string with your fingers, holding it against the stick each hand.

3) Proceed with the Sun movement, thus creating a smaller and much faster Sun. You can do this repeatedly and fluently for several revolutions (depending on the initial amount of spin).

4) To stop, simply let go of the string. Face forward to return to the regular position.

Concerns: Clockwise Suns keep or add to the spin for right-handers. This is where the diabolo moves away from you under your sticks and returns toward you from above. Counterclockwise suns will work for right-handed diaboloing, but the diabolo will slow sooner.

Possibilities: Try releasing the string after a Bustsaw and continuing the diabolo in the same circle into a Side Sun. Also try doing a Side Sun first, catching the string with your fingers, and going into Bustsaws. If you can capture the string against the sticks easily and keep the circle movements fluent, several combinations of Side Suns and Bustsaws are possible.

Overhead Sun

(3 Suns)

source: Jugglefest '97

1) Turn to your right 90 degrees and do a counter clockwise Side Sun. (where a stick is on either side of the sun).

2) After the diabolo goes around one complete circle, let it to continue. As the diabolo begins to go up again, allow it to begin a semicircle arc over your head to your other side. Stretch your arms and sticks pointing at the diabolo and turn your body to the right 180 degrees so you end up facing the side where the diabolo ends up.

3) Now allow the momentum of the diabolo to do another counter clockwise Side Sun.

4) Turn to the right 90 degrees and you're facing beginning position with diabolo on open string.


Bow and Arrow
('Shoot' a diabolo Arrow through the string of the Bow)
see Flash Movie Controls

source: within

1) Do a Clockwise Sun. (This will put a twist of string above the axle.)

2) Now do a Right Trapeze.

3) Take your left stick and unwrap the string that is between the right and left stick. This is a counterclockwise movement of the left stick around the diabolo where you end up bringing the left stick back to the left. (The diabolo should now be hanging in the rest of the trapeze strings from the right stick. There is also a string between the left and right sticks above the diabolo.

4) By holding the left stick left and keeping the string between somewhat tight, you are creating the 'Bow' or the Bow's string.

5) Now swing the diabolo to the left and upward so its axle hits the string above. (Swing the diabolo up and to the left like a toss that should seem like an arrow shooting out of a bow.)

6) As the diabolo hits the 'Bow' string, point the right stick toward the rising diabolo. This should allow the the string loops to slip off the right stick's end. (Amazingly the diabolo should 'shoot' through the string and leave the string as a free toss.)

7) Just as the string loops are free, tighten the string between the sticks to show the same string angle as you had before the toss. (Retightening the string after the diabolo 'passes through' is to regain the illusion of the 'Bow'.)

8) Catch the diabolo off to the left.

NOTE: Toss the diabolo at a right angle (90 degrees) to the 'Bow' string as an arrow passes from an archer's bow.

AND NOTE: Tossing trough the string takes a touch where you must be gentle until the right stick's loops are free, then you can tighten the string by pulling the sticks apart.


Archery Swim
(Bow and Arrow variation)
see Flash Movie Controls

source: Ben Brennan

1) Lift both sticks and then mainly the right stick so the diabolo rises up so it is level with your your right forearm.

2) While still holding your left stick high, move your right stick, hand and arm so they move in front of the diabolo. (this is the around the far side of the diabolo) Note that your right stick, hand and arm are encircling the hanging diabolo.

3) Keep your right stick, hand and arm moving asround the diabolo until they are back to the right of the diabolo. Note that this will put a twist of string above the axle.

NOTE: Practice until steps 1 through 3 become a fluent movement.

4) Do almost the same movement as is done with a Redone Trapeze movent over the right stick. The difference is that the diabolo misses the string to the outside instead of inside (toward you). Follow the instructions below for specifics.

4a) Point your right strick straight ahead and swing the diabolo to the right so it and its strings go around and over the right stick.

4b) As the diabolo comes over the right stick make it miss landing on the string across. The diabolo should come down on the other side of the string (away from you) and end up hanging below the right stick.

4c) Swing the diabolo into a toss in a reverse direction of before, so the diabolo rises upward between your sticks.

4d) Make sure the diabolo's axle hits the string across your sticks. After the diabolo hits the string it should release into a toss.

5) Catch and smile.

Manual Suns

source: Florian

1) Build up lot of spin (as you will need it), do a Left Trapeze.

2) Hand over the right stick to your left hand, holding them in a 90 degree angle (left points forward, right points to the right.)

3) From the diabolo are three strings that come from the left stick. With your right hand, Grab the two strings that form the loop over that stick. Hold the diabolo from above by those strings, the left stick is still pointing forward and the right stick is out of the way pointing right.

4) Now using your right hand swing the diabolo in a small counterclockwise Sun out of the trapeze.

5) Continue swinging it counterclockwise in a second sun, but release the strings as the diabolo reaches about 12 o'clock (or maybe a bit earlier.)

6) The diabolo should now have rotated two times counterclockwise, and string is crossed over the diabolo once, and you still hold both sticks in your left hand. Note that it is possible to tangle strings around the left stick, care should be taken so the strings slip off that stick while you are doing the suns.

7) To complete, just do a Clockwise Sun and your diabolo should be back on open string. (
You can either take your sticks back in both hands, or keep holding them in your left hand to do the sun.) The diabolo will return to open string.

Variation: You can also do three Counterclockwise Suns with your hand and then two regular Clockwise Suns or 4 CCW hand suns & 3 CW Suns, and so on..

Figure Eights

(Suns that go behind you as well as in front of you - similar to staff spinning.)

NOTE: These can go Clockwise or Counterclockwise. Clockwise directions are given below.

Keep in mind that a Figure Eight takes two full 360 degree Suns to complete. One behind and one in front. The diabolo is traveling around in almost the same circle each time. You will have to move yourself out of the way of the diabolo for this to happen.

Begin a Clockwise Sun, but at soon as it begins to rise on the left, turn and face the left. Allow the diabolo to continue its sun up and behind you (above your head now). As the diabolo comes down low and moving left, begin to turn your body back to the front and stepping slightly forward. The diabolo should be rising on the left side and moving toward your right, up above your head. As the diabolo comes down step back to your starting standing position.


See also Beginning Suns

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