Diabolo Tricks
Trick Ladder List
Challenge your diabolo skills to complete this list of one diabolo tricks.

Submitted by Stupendous

Here follows the rules for the...
Diabolo Exhibition at the 2005 National Yo-Yo Contest !!!
Saturday, October 1st, Chico, California.

Diabolo Ladder Trick Descriptions
last edited 9-5-05.

General Rules:
Any diabolo may be used for the ladder tricks, you may
change diabolos or sticks after any attempt. All
tricks must end with a spinner on the string, the
strings untangled, and the diabolo in control. Players
get one attempt at each trick. Players score is
determined as follows: When a player has missed a
second trick, the player is retired and the score is
the last trick completed/first trick missed. This
division will be divided into age groups as follows:
11 & under, 12 - 16, 17 & over

Many of these trick descriptions have been written for
the right hand as the dominant hand.  All tricks may
be done by using the left hand as the dominant hand.

Tie Breakers:
Player who went furthest (last trick completed) on
Ladder, or if still a tie, Player who went furthest on
Ladder before first miss. If still a tie or more than
one player completes the Ladder with no misses, then
the tie breaker will be the amount of whip catches
that can be completed without added spin to the

1. Spinner (5 seconds)
Start the diabolo and have it spin for 5 seconds with
your sticks still.

2. Sun
With the sticks together, swing the diabolo around in
a full vertical circle.  Do both directions for a
complete trick.

3. Waterfall
Wrap the string around the opposite stick and under
the diabolo.  Flip the diabolo off the double string.

4. Trapeze
Swing the diabolo to either the right or the left over the
and land it on the string in-between the sticks. 

5. High toss and catch
Toss the diabolo and catch it on the string. Diabolo
must be tossed higher then your head.

6. Orbits (3 times)
Move the diabolo on the string from one side to the
other. Toss the diabolo as it nears one stick.  Catch
the diabolo near the other stick, allowing it to move
on the string to begin the next Orbit.

7. Backside
Toss the diabolo. Sweep the string coming from one
stick over the axle and under the diabolo. After doing
this the string will be crossed in the same way as if
you caught the diabolo cross handed.  Any dismount.

8. Flea Bounce/Trampoline Over Head (5 times)
Lift the string up above your head with the diabolo
spinning. Hold the string tight and horizontal. Push
the diabolo up slightly to make it bounce.

9. Chinese suicide
Do a trapeze to the right. Point the left stick at the
diabolo along the line of spin and let go. The
handstick should  make a complete circle around the
diabolo and right stick and back to your left hand .

10.  Elevator
Wrap the string around the axle of the diabolo with
one stick. Raise one stick high and pull down with the
other stick. Have the diabolo climb at least two
thirds of the string.  Any dismount.

11. Behind the back catch
Toss the diabolo and catch it on the string behind
your back.

12. Cat's cradle
You can get into and out of the Cat's Cradle anyway
you want.  In a cat's cradle the strings creates an X.
After the cradle has been made, with the diabolo
below the cradle, toss the diabolo up and catch it on
top of the cradle. End with any dismount.

13. Around the arm (3 times)
Toss the diabolo over one arm.

14. Around the leg (3 times)
Toss the diabolo around one leg.

15. Double on trapeze
Do a Trapeze. Then swing the diabolo around again, in
the same direction, to land on the string a second

16. Stick grind (3 seconds)
Hop the diabolo on one stick and grind for 3 seconds.

17. Whip catch
Hop diabolo off the string and catch it with a whip
catch.  Any whip catch is ok.

18. Umbrella (3 reps - 1 rep is both directions)
Start with a Sun.  'Pull' the diabolo to the left when
the diabolo passes to the right.  Pull the diabolo to
the right when the diabolo goes to the left.

19. Neck trampoline (4 bounces)
Either place the diabolo string around your neck with
the diabolo on the string, or hop the diabolo off the
string, wrap the string around your neck, and catch
the diabolo.  Bounce the diabolo from string to string
4 times.  Any dismount.

20. Grind Pass
Start grinding on one stick and pass the diabolo to
the other stick for a grind and then back to the

21. Magic Knot/Spaghetti
A series of warps ending in a release. Point the left
stick right and raise horizontally. With right stick,
wrap (from back) over stick.  Wrap (from right) under
axle. Wrap (from front)  over stick.  Wrap (from left)
under axle.  Slowly pull sticks apart to almost normal
position.  Toss diabolo up between sticks and pull
sticks releasing string loops and diabolo. Catch

22. Propeller
Do an Inverse Trapeze on the right stick. Place the
right stick onto the diabolo in line with the spin.
Now let go of the right stick so it travels around the
diabolo. Catch the stick after it makes one

23  Coffee grinder (3 grinds)
Do a back side or recapture mount. Move the left stick
above the diabolo horizontally. Move the right stick
so its string moves behind the left stick and lays
just ahead of the handle. Pull right stick toward you
making a triangle. Keeping the right stick parallel to
ground and axle, 'poke' it into triangle below.  Move
the right stick out against the right side of triangle
and then into a clockwise movement under the diabolo
and around back.  This is the grind of coffee grinder.
Do 3 grinds and end with any dismount.

24. Suicide
Do a Trapeze to the left, but before the diabolo lands
on the string throw the right stick across so it
circles around the diabolo. Then catch the stick

25. Loop and hook whip catch
Put both stick handles in one hand. Split the string
with your other hand, toss the diabolo up and catch in
on the doubled string. Place string loop end over the
sticks' ends. Throw the diabolo up for a snap release.
Catch diabolo with a whip catch.  Any whip catch is
26. X-Grind
Toss the diabolo up. Cross the sticks. Catch the
diabolo where the sticks meet. Toss the diabolo up,
and catch the diabolo.

27.  Behind the back whip catch
Toss diabolo and catch with a whip catch behind the
back.  Any whip catch is ok.

28.  Figure-8 around both arms (3 reps - 1 rep is
around both arms)
Place the string under elbows.  Toss the diabolo over
one arm and then over the other arm in a figure 8

29.  Duicide
Begin like a suicide but let go of both sticks so they
do a full circle and catch them again.

30. Infinite Suicide (3 reps)
Wrap the string around the axle of the diabolo with
your right stick. As you go underneath the diabolo,
let go of the left stick.  As the left stick gets
about 180 degrees around tug the right stick upwards
and rewrap the diabolo. Do 3 repetitions and catch the
left stick.  Any dismount.

31.  Monorail
After doing an over arm string wrap, toss the diabolo
straight up off the left side.  As the diabolo comes
down recapture it with the left stick's string over
the top of the axle.  The diabolo swings back under
the arm twice around. The diabolo ends up to your left
on the Right stick's string.  Any dismount.

32. Genocide
Start in a cross hand position. Pull up and out
slightly to send the diabolo up. Let go of the right
stick and let it swing a full circle. Without catching
it, let it start another circle but this time catch
the diabolo on the string. As the diabolo comes down
catch the right stick in your right hand with your
arms uncrossed.

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