Diabolo Tricks
It is.........two Duncan Phoenix diabolos!

Pictured above are two Duncan Phoenix Diabolos, a pair of Duncan sticks, & a pair of Fiberglass Sticks.

Diabolo's diameter is 5 3/8 inches (133 mm).

Diabolo's height is 5 1/4 inches (132 mm).

Diabolo's weight is 260 grams.

This diabolo introduced in early 2009 is unique in that it has the ability to be two diabolos. A 'Solid Axle' diabolo and a 'One-Way axle diabolo. Incredibly the diabolo can be converted from one form to another easily without any tools. Lots of folks that own these leave them in one form or another. Although all is required to make the switch is to flip two washers after taking it apart, there is a concern about how tight to tighten the Hand Knobs. I have experimented with this and found that to get the diabolo into the 'One-Way' axle form; the hand knobs need to be just shy of snug. Never tighten the knobs too tight, because the diabolo runs 'solid' then slips. Maybe it is my diabolos, but to get them right takes a few trys and adjustments.

There is some concern on how tight to make the hand knobs in the One-Way axle form. This adjustment slows down my 'flip' times, but I'm new at it.

It runs well balanced in both forms. It's shape is close to a Finesse with a cup that is a bit slicker than the Finesse, yet still soft. The throat (near axle) is open, kind of like the Sundia long axled Fly. It is similar to some, but it has its own design.

The long axle works wonderfully for stick and finger grinds. The diabolo seems to run nice and balanced in both forms.

The diabolo comes with a pair of white plastic sticks. They have nice handles, yet not sure that the sticks would hold up under hard practice. They are about 13 inches (33 cm) and the string attaches through a hole at the end of the stick with a hidden knot compartment.

The truly amazing part is that these diabolos retail price is very low. This might not be a high-end diabolo, but it is worth the price.

Fiberglass sticks are 13 inches (34 cm) long.

Duncan Phoenix from YoYoSams

Duncan Phoenix from Serious Juggling

Duncan Phoenix Diabolo Research

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