Diabolo Tricks
It is.........a pair of Hurricanes!

Pictured above are Red and Blue (TripleBearing) Juggle Dream Hurricanes & some Orange Fiberglass Sticks..

Diabolo's diameter is 5 inches (12.5 cm).

Diabolo's height is 6 inches (14.5 cm).

Diabolo's weight is 9.8 oz (278 grams).

The Hurricane has a ratchet bearing axle which aids in adding spin. I think this ratchet diabolo is the fastest I've seen although it is noisier. This pair have a ring of Black color on one of the cup's hub that is to be toward the (right-handed) performer. Lefties keep the White hub toward the them.

This diabolo runs very similar to the Sundia Shinning Triple Bearing Diabolos. The main difference between the two is the price, where the hurrican is almost half the price of the Sundia.

Below is from the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

This diabolo has a well built ratchet axle that makes it easier to get this diabolo spinning faster and longer. It has a nice translucent (clear) surface and the cups are relatively soft. The cups don't seem to dirty as do some soft cups. A bearing diabolo gives the beginner a head start on gaining spin speed. Although it cannot do the String Climb (Elevator) trick, it can do practically every other common trick. I often use a ratchet-axled diabolo when working on new tricks where I usually run out of spin practicing. The extra spin can help you learn the trick sooner. Juggle Dream also m ake a smaller verision, the Cyclone which has a 4 inch diameter. is also available. I recommend 5 inch diabolos over 4 inch, although with the bearing both run well.

A USA vendor that sells Juggle Dream Hurricane and other of their products is Pass the Props (USA) .

Those in Europe can find these products at Oddballs (UK).

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