If you have never played Pearls Before Swine by transience, go to the link below and try to beat Juan. If you have trouble winning one, come back here and find out how you can . . .Beat Juan at his own game Pearls Before Swine II !!!

PLAY Pearls Before Swine II on ebaumsworld.com

This is Juan and the game is Pearls Before Swine II (The Forth Row.) If you want to Beat Juan at his game, click on which ever 'response' for a guided tour of how to beat Juan!
You Move like this...(take out 4 pearls which removes the 3rd row)
Juan will move next with different responses. Below are four looks after he is done. If one of the four is what he does in your game, then click on it for instruction to BEAT JUAN! (You might not see a match to his move below,if so, restart the game until he makes a similar response.)
Juan's Response 1 Click for instructions
Juan's Response 2 Click for instructions
Juan's Response 3 Click for instructions
Juan's Response 4 Click for instructions