Diabolo Tricks
Body Actions
written for righties

Hand Grind
(This trick is easier with a diabolo with a longer axle)

source: Alex Wolz, Alexandria, Virigina, USA

1) First, get the diabolo spinning very fast.

2) Then, throw the diabolo up and transfer the Right stick into your 
Left hand. Both sticks are now held in the Left hand.

3) While the diabolo is still falling grab the string with your Right hand pulling it outward and catch the diabolo on it. This part is similar to the first moves of the Looper tricks.

3. Then, throw the diabolo up, let go of the string in your right 
hand, and move your hand to point leftward with your thumb up.

4) Catch the falling diabolo on the webbing between your thumb and index finger.

5) Allow the diabolo to grind on your hand as long as it is still spinning.

6. To finish, throw the diabolo out of your right hand and grab the string of your sticks so you can catch the diabolo in the half strings.

7) Toss the diabolo up, return your Right stick back to the right hand and return to the starting position.
Matrix Orbits
(Limbo Orbits)

source: Josh Jacobson, Chicago

1) Step over the String, so that the Diabolo is behind you.

2) Bend backwards like you are doing the Limbo, or like you are in the Matrix.

3) Toss the Diabolo over and around your body several times. (Right-handers toss from the Left side and catch on the Right side, similar to Under the Leg Orbits, but farther.) After the diabolo is tossed, watch as it passes in front of you, focus on the string it is going to land on.

4) Step back over the string.

(Finger Grind to a Whip Catch)

source: Seppe, Belgium

1) Get the diabolo going in high spin.

2) Turn and point your sticks to the Left keeping them level with the floor.

3) Do a Loop and Hook, but don't do the final toss.  So you should be holding both sticks with your Right hand and the diabolo is hanging in the loop.
4) Place your Left hand with one finger pointing Left and level under the axle of the diabolo.

5) Using the Right hand holding the sticks and diabolo, set the diabolo onto your finger and then tilt the sticks so the hook of string slips off.

6) Pulling the sticks and string away from the diabolo, should free the string and the diabolo will be left grinding on your finger.

7)  After grinding a while toss the diabolo upward off your finger in a toss.

8)  Swing the sticks and string with the Right hand to catch the diabolo in a Whip Catch.

Nail Cutter

(or Finger grind) Spanish Translation

source: Pablo, from Huaja Malabares, Guadalajara, Spain

1. Give the diabolo a lot of speed.

2. Launch it up, but not too high.

3. Hand your right stick over to your left so you are holding both sticks with the left hand.

4. Reach out to catch the diabolo, but hold your hand flat wtih fingers straight side by side. You are positioning your hand so you can allow the diabolo's axle or throut to land on the end of your first and second fingers. The diabollo should grind between your nails.

5. Grind on your finger nails as long as you can then toss it up with a wave of your hand.

6. While the diabolo is in the air, hand your stick back to your right hand and get ready for a catch.

7. Catch diabolo and smile.

Renegade Finger Curl

See MOV movie of Dave P with 2 diabolos

source: Mark Thomas (diabolonet)

1) Start with a only a Renegade type diabolo, spinning very fast. Pass your right stick to your left, so you are holding both sticks in your left in a 'V.'

2) Reach out with the right hand so your arm goes between the sticks. Stick your pointer finger in the outside hole of the diabolo. (you may want to wet your finger first)

3) Keeping your finger parellal to the floor lift the diabolo up nearly in front of your face with your hand still on the outside of the diabolo. The physics of the spinning diabolo will cause it to rotate around as you lift it. Allow your hand to stay on the hole side and keep your finger still parellal to the floor. (the diabolo can have the string still on the axle)

4) After the diabolo has rotated 360 degress drop it straight down to where it started. If the string stayed with it it should have a half twist of string around the axle. The diabolo should be caught by the string in the left hand 'v' which doesn't move through out the rotation.

5) Hand the right stick back to the right hand and get the twist out. A Sun will do it.

   Finger Trapeze

source: Jack Grainger, Northallerton, England

1. Build up a lot of spin and make sure that the diabolo isn't tilting.

2. Hand your left stick over to your right so both sticks are in your right hand. Hold the sticks with your right hand so the sticks point forward and the diabolo hangs below.

3 Place your left index finger (or any finger you wish) just left of the hanging strings and about a quarter of the way up the string above the diabolo. Make sure you don't touch the string yet.

4. Now swing the diabolo leftward into your finger so the diabolo goes around the finger and lands back on the strings. You are doing a Left Trapeze around your finger.

5. Allow the diabolo to hang in the trapeze as long as you dare and then undo the trapeze as you would undo a Left Trapeze by swinging the diabolo counterclockwise around your finger.

6. After the diabolo returns to hanging below your sticks, hand your left stick back to right hand and you should be back to the normal starting position.

Variation: Wrist Trapeze
(Same as above but the wrist is 'trapezed' around.)
source: Jimi-Cameron
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