Diabolo Tricks
Left Hand Explanation

All animations are of the performer's view.
Note: Stick with BLACK end is the LEFT stick for Left Hand Explanations.

Genocide (Left Hand Explanation, black stick is your left)
see Flash Movie Controls * Right Hand Explanations

source: David Chervony USA

1. Start with the diabolo in high spin on open string.

2. Go to the Left Backside . Quickly position the left handstick in your hand so its end is pointing straight down at the diabolo.  This is a new grip where your thumb is on top nearest the end of the stick handle and the stick is pointing downward.  (The action of the backside move will naturally make the diabolo swing rightward.)

3. Swing the diabolo back to the left. As the diabolo swings past your left side (about 7 o'clock) , throw the Left handstick downward and to the right of the passing diabolo. (Hopefully your new grip on the stick starts a stick swing where the stick points at the diabolo as it circles around it.)

4. The Left handstick should begin a gigantic circle and the diabolo should leave the string in an upward toss. One key to this trick is tossing the diabolo just as the Left stick begins its huge swing. You may want to raise you Right hand and handstick high enough so the swinging stick doesn't swing around and hit the ground or floor. The diabolo's toss height is probably less than twice your height.

6. If the timing is correct the Left stick will be finishing it's circle as the diabolo falls (over on your Left side) to the height of your left hand. The idea is for the diabolo to fall into the Left side of the swinging string.

7. If done correctly, the diabolo will force the stick to quickly make a circle around the diabolo creating a wrap around its axle. If possible catch the rising right handstick with your Left hand (palm down). This is a tough catch because the stick is really moving quickly. Often this is because the diabolo landed on the string too near the swinging stick. You may find it easier to catch the Left stick after it has circled the diabolo a few times. If catching the stick seems almost impossible, try catching the string ahead of it.

8. If the stick circled the diabolo once on the catch, there will be one Right-hand wrap on the diabolo and this can be quickly unwrapped with the Right handstick. If the stick circled more than once you will need to remove as many wraps with the Right.

(A variation on the catch is take this trick into Infinite Suicides on the right side instead of catching. Then catch when you decide to end the IInfinite Suicides trick.)

(Another variation is to allow the Left handstick to go over and around the Right stick after it has 'caught' the falling diabolo. The stick will then swing downward and Leftward under the diabolo to be caught by your Left hand. This amazingly creates a Right Trapeze on the Right stick which can be easily undone.) source: Tye Tye USA
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