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It is.........a pair of Finesses!

Pictured above are two Mister Babache Finesse (G2) diabolos with 10 gram weights and one way bearing axles. Also shown is a pair of Henry Alumium Sticks with Henry 'GREEN' string. Note: Finesses are sold in solid colors, the above diabolos were diassembled and reassembled into double colors. Mister Babache now sells the Finesse (G3.)

Diabolo's diameter is 5 1/4 inches (135 mm).

Diabolo's height is 5 1/4 - 5 1/2 inches (135 - 140 mm).

Normal weight -247 grams.
With Evolution 3 (6 gram weight set) - 259 grams. LINK
With Evolution 3 (10 gram weight set) - 267 grams. LINK
With both Evolution 3(6&10 weight sets)- 279 grams.
With Evolution 1 (large axle) - add 10 grams. LINK
With Evolution 4 (LED light kit) - add 40 grams. Green Red Yellow Blue Rainbow
With Spintastics' Finesse Bearing Upgrade Kit - add 0 grams. LINK

Mister Babache diabolos were prabably the world-wide favorite especially in the 80's and 90's. The Finesse is their newest product. This model, the G3 'Generaltion Three,' which is an improvement over the initial G1 & G2. The G3 is extremely popular. If ordering a Finesse, be sure to get a G3.

Below is from the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

This diabolo has a 5 1/4 inch (13.5 cm) diameter. It is lighter in weight than other diabolos that size like the Henry Circus. (note: weight accessories can be added) My Finesses run very smooth and are well balanced. The Mister Babache engineers have spent some time with this product. It is a rubber plastic diabolo which doesn't bounce quite as well as the Henry, but it may stay cleaner. It is shorter than other 5 inch diabolos also, that is, it is shorter when sitting on a cup. This may give you a bit more control since it allows you to diabolo a little closer to your body. Who really knows. The Finesse also has a ridge lip around the edge of the cups similar to some the other Mister Babache diabolos. This lip allows for shoe/foot kick-ups which are very possible to start the diabolo. Running two of these is a DREAM! Many Two Diaboloist agree that these run the smoothest of any diabolo available.

They have so far produced three accessory kits for the Fineese in their 'Evolution' series. Evolution 1 is a longer axle they say is good for "finger tricks and dance." I really like this accessory. I don't do a lot of finger tricks or 'dance' (a little something must be lost in the translation), but it allows for Finger nad Hand Grinds. The diabolo still runs very smooth and balanced and the longer axle reduces problems with string tie-ups on release tricks. The main advantage has got to be grinds. Grinding is so sweet with this axle and now even fat sticks can enjoy the true grinding experience.

The Evolution 4 accesssory is a set of weights that add weight to both sides of the diabolo. The sets come as a 6 gram set adding 12 grams and the 10 gram set that adds 20 grams. A very popular set is the 10 gram set.

The other accessory is called Evolution 4. It is a set of lights that fit inside the cups on the axle ends. The set adds a total of 40 grams to weight of the diabolo comparing it to the Henry Circus' normal weight. This becomes an excellent Light Diabolo without too much weight. When lit and spinning the lights produce a nice red ring on each diabolo end. The rubber plastic material of the cups seems to let some light through giving a glowing effect at night when these lights are on. The diabolo runs smooth with the lights added, I'm amazed how it continues to be so well balanced.

Available right now is a One Way Bearing Upgrade Kit from Spintastics. It is the same bearing found in the Spinabolo diabolos with a modified axle. LINK

This is a cool diabolo, at a stiff price. The price I see on the Finesse is about $40 USD. The Finger Axle is $10 USD, The weights $8 USD, and the Light set is about $20 USD.

Mister Babache Diabolos from Switzerland

Babache Finesse Diabolos from Oddballs (UK)

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