Diabolo Tricks
It is.........a pair of Diabglos!

Pictured above are two UV green Diabglos.

Diabolo's diameter is 4 1/2 inches (11.5 cm).

Diabolo's height is 5 1/2 inches (14 cm).

Diabolo's weight is about 350 grams.

Diabglo is the cool motion-activated lighted version of the diabolo. See Extreme Spins' Diabglo animation. Blue LEDs on both ends flash when you play with the Diabglo. The lights automatically go off after about 10 seconds. Plus its UV green color will glow brightly under blacklight. The cups are made of a thick slightly flexible plastic. Colors are translucent green or translucent clear/silver.

This diabolo is a nice light up diabolo. The lights are not removable and will activate even if the diabolo is tossed about in your prop bag. Each cup has 2 lights and 3 AG-10 batteries, making a battery total of 6 for each Diabglo. To replace batteries the diabglo sticker must be removed or at least the center of it and a small screw comes out. See Extreme Spins' Promo Photo. Replacement batteries are available 12 for about $5 USD.

Good Points: Cheap at $19 USD; Great look to audience; Easy for performer to see on high tosses. Runs well balanced. Axles have indented line for better string control. Soft cups for hand tosses and catches. Very durable, especially well protected light circuit board and battery compartment. (Great for night high tosses!)

Bad points: Heavier than most 5 inch diabolos ; Some advertising for this diabolo state "Precision bearings in the center of the cups allow long-lasting spinning action." My diabglos have solid axles, I don't understand what they mean; The softness of the cups could lead to distorted cups if stored incorrectly; The box says that it comes with "spare batteries" and I found none, only those in the diabglo; The box says to "Check out www.diabglo.com for tips, tricks, and hints," but the site is down and has been down; Battery changes require a tiny screwdriver.

IMHO: This is a great additional diabolo. It does tire me out to perform with it for long periods of time, because I am not used to the extra weight, but it is a show stopper even in the daylight to folks that have not seen a light up diabolo. I keep one in my bag when I want to do illumination or night practice outside.

Diabglo and Diabglo batteries available from

Extreme Spin - Extreme Spin Promo Photo - Animation

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