Diabolo Tricks
It is.........a pair of Spinabolos!

Pictured above are two black Spintastics Spinabolo diabolos.

Diabolo's diameter is 5 inches (12.5 cm).

Diabolo's height is 5 1/4 inches (13.5 cm).

Diabolo's weight is 9.3 oz (265 grams).

The Spinabolo has a ratchet bearing axle which aids in adding spin. I think this ratchet diabolo is the fastest I've seen although it is noisier. This pair have a ring of white color on the cup that is to be toward the (right-handed) performer. Lefties keep the white side toward the audience.

This diabolo is a little bit lighter than most large (5 inch) diabolos, but still runs fine.

Below is from the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

This diabolo has a well built ratchet axle that makes it easier to get this diabolo spinning faster and longer. It has a nice shinny surface. It may be more difficult for a young new beginner than a good solid axle diabolo, yet if understood it maybe more helpful. Although it cannot do the String Climb (Elevator) trick, it can do practically every other common trick. (Note you may be able to do a String Climb with two or three wraps) I often use a ratchet-axled diabolo when working on new tricks where I usually run out of spin practicing. The extra spin can help you learn the trick sooner. The Spinablolo has a 5 inch diameter, and a 4 inch spinablolo (Spinabolo Jr.) is also available. The 4 inch and 5 inch diabolo work wonderfully for loop diaboloing. The New Spinabolo weighs a bit less than the Yoho Superspin. It seems to me that the Spinabolo gains speed faster than the Superspin, but it is a close race. The Spinabolo runs noisey, possibly lubrication would change that, yet the noise might not be a bad thing to some diaboloist.e

I believe several juggling shops in the USA will have these available. Here

Spinabolo Diabolos from Oddballs (UK)
JugglingStore.com (USA)
Rskillz Spinabolo Diabolos (Canada)
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