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The left animation is of four tricks; the Japanese C-whip, the Trapeze Cradle Knot, and the Grind, Loop, and Hook, with a Whip Catch, The right animation is of the Two Diabolo Armover Stall with a Short Sun Return and the Hook Stall Double Release. Your view is as if you are performing the tricks.  Note the dark ended stick is your right stick. The green end (when seen) is the 'string' end of the sticks.

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Tricks using two diabolos - including ANIMATIONS!

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A good place for beginners the BASICS!

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Preview a few individual tricks here:Minetti ! & Coffee ! & Espresso ! & Inside ! & Rocket !

What is a Diabolo? * See different Types of Diabolos.

Check out specs and pics of several types of diabolos. Also check out Diabolo History.

Trick Ladder List

Challenge your Diabolo Skills to complete this trick list. Challenge your friends!

One Sided Diabolo

Help, instruction, and tricks for this Top-like diabolo!


Animated Performance COMBOS!


(the newest animations, see them first here!) Japanese J-whip


Frequently Asked Questions about diabolo types, purchase, sticks, string, animations, ect.

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See Pictures and Specs on different Types of Diabolos
Stopwatch Time your Tricks!
Juggling - Passing Clubs - the origins of Jim's 3-Count
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Within this site are diabolo tricks I have acquired from several mid-US Juggling Festivals. Also included are tricks from my e-mail associations from other countries. Some tricks show a 'source.'  Sources are where I first saw or who I first learned of the trick from.  I've tried to keep some sort of standard for terms and relative direction and rotation. At this time the Terms page has several explanatory animations of basic moves. Your view of the animations is as if you were standing behind an invisible diaboloist while he/she performs the trick or as you would see yourself perform the trick. The Close-up animations are your view from above. The right stick handle near end is darker. The string end of the sticks are marked in green as seen in the Over-The-Arm, Minetti Whip, and a few other tricks.  The Over-The-Arm  will show an 'arm slice' and the Under-The-Leg will show a 'leg slice' which is where the string touches the body in those tricks. It is very possible there is an error within some of these explanations. Please e-mail me if you find one or have a suggestion for a confusing step. Some questions about diabolos and animation are answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page. Also send along any tricks you would like to share. I still have several tricks to add here, but hope soon I can add new tricks as they come in.

Hope you see something new,


Special thanks goes to Shane Geiger. Without his contributions of web space and information, this site could not be where it is today. Sadly, Shane passed away in 2011. The memory of Shane Geiger will always be with us. It seems like jugglers should never die, yet Shane is probably this moment, up there juggling the universe and the heavens for us. Thanks Shane, for all the computer help and your juggling inspiration.

Special thanks to Mark Wilkening who has contributed much in HTML and Flash, instruction and ideas. Mark is the founder of the performing group, Throwing Picassos, an avid juggler/slack roper, occasional juggler of 7 balls, and a fine pizza cook.

E-mail Jim with corrections, additions, or for added help.


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