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Diabolo Tricks on Facebook See if you 'like' all the videos and links to videos. Many were sent to diabolotricks.com over the years as trick submissions. Also pictures of different diabolos and diaboloists. Please add your photos and videos.

diabolotutorials.com Dedicated to providing you with the largest collection of diabolo tutorials the internet has to offer.

The Diabolo.com Great learning site! Nice (easy to access) videos! Well done video instruction for One and Two diaboloing.

Passing et Diabolo par JiBe ( English/French Diabolo/Juggling site. Full of Incredible Video Movies! Amazing Tricks!!!)

Art of Diabolo Great New French/English diabolo site including videos, pictures, and theories of many incredible One, Two, and Three diabolo tricks.

The Diabolo Great Site! Full of Nice (easy to access) videos with slowmotion! Videos for one and two diabolo tricks. Amazing 'lag' lines follow the diabolo in each trick.

The Diabology DVD New DVD of diabolo instruction and performance. Watch the amazing trailer. This is the Mad French Posse on DVD!

DiaRhythm(English/Japanese Diabolo page with on-site Unbelievable Movies!)

Multiple Diabolo(French Diabolo page with Incredible Movies of Incredible Multiple Tricks!)

La page de jonglage de VUX(Great Videos and Tricks!) Click on '1 Diabolo' or '2 Diabolo'. Also check out VERTICAL Diabolo (Vidéos à 1 Diabolo vertical) under 1 Diabolo Videos. Amazing Stuff!

FlyingCircus Cie Huge site! (Check out the tutorials videos including French text instructions on screen) Videos are helpful to all diaboloist. Here's a direct link: 'Tutorials'

Paul Isaak Funny Juggler (Great Diabolo Animation!)

YO HO Diabolos featuring the 'clutch bearing' SuperSpin diabolo and also Many Incredible on-site instructional Movies from Beginning to Advanced!

The Mad Hatters Diabolo Team (Check out these Diaboloist 'through the looking-glass' of their growing web site. Don't miss The Mad Hatters Trick Zone Page!) Especially see the Spidey Grind and Shooting Star.

Diabolo Fo Sho (Click on filmage, then on the 3 diabolos, then on #1, #2,or #3 diabolo for videos.)

Diabolo Clips (A miriad of tricks from diabolo, juggling, cards and other manipulative miscallenia!)

Diabolo di Fuoco (Italian Diabolo site. Including videos, Fire Diabolo information, and many links!)

E-DIABOLO.tk (Spanish Diabolo site includes translation to 6 languages, many games and videos.)

DiaboloNiels(See Niels from the Belgium doing incredible diabolo!!! Video and Photo!! And he's 10 years old!!!)

diabolotricks.tk (New German diabolo site, including diabolo forum.)

Diabolo Dance Theatre (Diabolo Asia site from Taiwan. See Link also to Diabolo Shop)

catalandiabolo.net Site in Català/Castellano/English with videos and photos!!!

Jonglieren.net.tc (German juggling, diabolo site with tricks for balls, diabolo, devil stick and more. Also juggling-games which are update every month.)

Diabolo Leren (NL) Dutch Diabolo website with films, texts and live practice moments throughout the Netherlands.

Diabologekte (Holland Diabolo Site!)(DE SITE VOOR NEDERLANDS TALIGEN.)

Diabolo trucs ( Netherlands Diabolo Website!)(Includes Diabolo Tricks animations!)

Diabolo Funclub ( Diabolo Funclub from Slovakia !)

Diabolo Magic (Diabolo Magic is based in South Africa and manufacture the diabolos their own diabolos)

Diaboloboys (Check out this new site, including videos!.)

http://sites.google.com/a/diaboloboys.com/diaboloboys/ Diabolo Treff (German site with many good links to diabolo and jugging sites.)

Knot Theory (Huge collections of tricks and links to those sites containing them for diabolo, yo-yos, and tops.)

Cool Diabolo (Check out the Trick Book!)

http://web.mac.com/tim_spinDiaboloDudes (Check out this new diabolo site with diabolo instruction including Loop Diabolo!)

http://diaboloaddiction.bravehost.comDiabolo Addiction (Check out the videos!)

Ultimate Diabolo Trick Guide (Super Illustrations!)

Diabolo><Psycho (WEER ONLINE!! Holland Diabolo Site!!) (Diabolo trucs
uitgelegd met plaatjes en filmpjes!)

Diabolo Trix (The most comprehensive guide to diabolo trix you have ever seen ranging from the basics to the Very Advanced!)

Jong.de Diabolo (German Diabolo site with animations for 1 and 2 diabolos)

Dave Barnes' 2 Diabolo Page (See great Two and Three Diabolo pages. Well done Movies!) Make sure you check out the Loop Diabolo Movies.

Eggys Diabolos This is Eggy's site all about diabolos and how to use them, with photos,
videos, forums and a special trick request service. (If you want trick videos; you can request them - for free!) New content being added all the time!

Juggling Site Of The Moon (Great FLASH juggling animations with movie of an amazing two diabolo trick)

Jumper's Diabolo, Devil Stick, and Juggling Page (Great Links to Diabolo and Yo-yo Sites!)

The Internet Juggling Database Diabolo Tutorial LINKS A Very Current and Complete Information Juggling Site. RATE DIABOLO TRICKS HERE See Home Page!

Juggling Information Service: Diabolo Help and specifically String Help

Le Muse Du Diabolo This web site is full of diabolo info.

Wikipedia Encyclopedia (Diabolo) Descriptions and Historic facts about the diabolo.

Blue Diabolo Tower (Diabolo Photos)

Diabolo.ca Diabolo Forum (NEW Diabolo Discussion Group including several posts per day!!! A must if you want to be in the diabolo know.) Don't miss this forum!
Les diabolistes Discussion Group (This French/English group is getting lots of action. A few posts are in English.) Remember http://world.altavista.com/ can help with translating.
Diabolotreff Das Deutschsprachige Diabolo Forum Here's a new German diabolo group. Remember http://world.altavista.com/ can help with translating.
eGroup Diabolo Discussion Group (This is a VERY active diabolo group with MUCH information for everyone!! The sooner you sign on the better!)
rec.juggling NEWSGROUP (The ultimate juggling discussion group, many diaboloist visit and post here often.) via the Internet Juggling Database.
2017 Flatland Juggling Festival (Lincoln, Nebraska) June 23-25
(USA Midwestern Juggling Festival)
Lincoln City Jugglers
(Lincoln, Nebraska's Juggling Club)
NU Juggling Club
(University of Nebraska Juggling Club)
Omaha Juggling Club (Omaha's Juggling Club)
I Think It Roll Under The Couch: (a Nebraska Juggling Club. -IJA Affiliate)
The Juggling Edge EVERYTHING, YES EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about juggling.
The Throwing Picassos (a Most Excellent Juggling Dual)
Zeemo the Magnificent (Magician, juggler, yo-yo expert in Michigan. An all around fun guy and Flatland attendee!)
The Flying Debris Show (Performer: Richard Holmgren)
Check out his web site!
Terry and Kaye's Juggling Site

(Great Juggling dual aiming at teaching the fun of Juggling!)

Juggling Blog in Spanish

Find out whats happening in the Juggling
World Blog in Spanish!

Jugglingpage (Great Juggling Site! Also Dutch version.)
Worldwide Juggling Club Listings (Huge connection to juggling clubs around the world!)
Juggling Information Service Almost everything you ever wanted to know about juggling.
Gballz Juggling Balls
Custom Handmade Juggling Balls. Also great juggling shirts and footbags. Checkout this great site including its links to juggling videos.
Juggling Instruction Tricks, tips, videos, how to juggle tutorial!
Malabart Great new Spanish site! Full of Videos!

The most important juggling portal of Italy. You can find a lot of informations and a great community. There is also a lot of forum, and one for international jugglers.

Bergen JOKERS Great Norwegian Juggling Group! These Norwegian Champions are among the best diabolo jugglers in Norway.
Juggling With A Twist (Amazing source of Glow and Fire info including Videos!)
Flames 'N Games (Great site for Juggling and Flame Props!)
Brothers From Different Mothers (Amazing Juggling Dual with great videos)
Wildcat Jugglers Great site packed with fast loading juggling videos! See Tutorial.
Spin Top Links
Button and String (Nice complete Spin Top site.)
Unidentified Flying Tops Yahoo Group (Great Top group!)
Alan's Wood Tops (Handcrafted Tops, Diabolo Sticks, and other products!)
Watts Tops LINK DOWN Beautiful large tops from a great top spinner.

Magician Singapore Booking

Check out the new 341-Word Glossary on Magic Tricks!
Ultimate Magic Learning Center! The Ultimate Magic Guide: Card Tricks and More!
Mr Magician Over 100 articles written by our experts who continually update and add new content. Check out Magic Tips!
Free magic tricks plus major link page in several categories!!!
Magic Card Tricks Magic Card Tricks for kids! Suggested by the girl in the library.
The History of Tarot Cards and Magic Tricks Check out Magic from long ago.
Card Class Courses in Card Magic
Jumpers (K)ultimate YO-YO Page (Huge Collection of YO-YO Links.)
American YO-YO Association (The Official AYYA Site.)
(Saturday, October 1st, Chico, California.)
This year check out the new Diabolo Exhibition
See (diabolo)Trick Ladder.
Skill Toys Yo-yo Museum (YO-YO Museum including many photos and info of several yo-yo items)
Let's Have Fun Great site with a huge variety of yo-yos and other toys.
Devil Stick
Volker (Juggling and Devil Stick and More!)
Damon's Devil Sticks (Great Devil Stick Site!)
DEVILSTICKS.ORG ( A Devil and Flower Sticks Store that offers a variety of stick styles for different skill levels )
Master Design Boomerangs (See Kendall's handmade, beautifully painted, excellent returning RANGS)
The Boomerang Page Mountains of info about the Boomerang. A good source of information on boomerangs such as the history, techniques, and some tips. Also Competitive and Association information!
Brunos baerige Bumerangs Brunos baerige Bumerangs (German/English Boomerang store)
Colorado Boomerangs (Huge Boomerang vendor with instruction)
Welcome to the site that promotes circus skills for schools and other groups as well as providing a whole range of entertainment for events.
Circus Allsorts offers Stilt walkers / Stilt Acts / Stiltwalkabouts , Busking Acts, Circus Workshops and Balloon Modelling.
(Circus, Juggling, and Theatre Sites)
Comics on the Course
Party Poop Dot Com
Jugglers needed!
Optical Illusions

Understanding Perception: Optical Illusions and Your Eye

Chloe Choice! Tons of info on Opticle Illusions including videos and animations!
X-Oprical Illusions of Jerry Andrus-X

Jerry Andrus at 83 his Optical Illusions

Check out this You Tube!

Compilation of seveal Optical Illusion videos.

Optical Illusions at Can Stock Photo Optical Illusions at Can Stock Photo
A Huge list of Optical Illusions by type including information, explanation, and examples for each.
Links to several Optical Illution sites! HIGH FIVE, Courtney Phillips and friends for finding & contributing this link!
Matty's Selection: A great source for Optical Illusions of all types.
BBC's Optical Illusion page Lots of information about why we are fooled by these illusions. Still not sure about the tables.
National Institute of
Environmental Health Sciences
NIEHS Kids Pages of Optical Illutions
eChalk Optical Illusions Lots of Illusions and explanations.
The 2010 Illusion Contest Winner YouTube balls rolling up hill.
Amazing Fire Illusion YouTube Perspective Illusion on Fire.
Charlie Chaplan Optic Illusion YouTube Inside the Mask.
Amazing Animated Optical Illusions YouTube Vertical Line Animation. Explanation and more Animations
10 Optical Illutions in 2 Minutes YouTube Optical Illusion Collection on the Run.
Wow! Escher's Waterfall in action!
Automobile Drivers Test
Driving Office Help passing your Driver's Test . An easier way study for your Driver's Licence.
Twisty Puzzles Great resource for several different types of 'Twisty Puzzles.'
Includes Museum of many many mechanical Puzzles!!!
Keith's Think Zone Many interesting looks at Math, Language, the Arts, and more.
The Crafty Puzzle Company (Handmade Teak Wood Collapsible Puzzles for the whole family, which will test your IQ and lateral thinking.)
Wooden Games Wooden Games

Rob's Puzzle Page for example:
Rearrangement puzzles
Assembly and Packing puzzles

Huge Collection of Many Many Puzzles! Lots of information in this site. Amazing!!!

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